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Our 21 best ideas on letgo, sell used merchandise locally or borrow money from local pawn stores and second hand store in my area.

Why Pawn stores might be better than Jewelry Shops?

When you have to shop for a piece of jewelry especially a wedding ring you are utterly confused as you want the best. The first question that comes to your mind is whether you should shop the engagement or the wedding ring from a pawn shop or a jewelry shop.

  • Already have some ideas in mind about the size range, the shape, the clarity, the color, and the price range.
  • Search online and get some ideas about ring styles and prices. When you already have this information, you will walk into the pawn store with ideas already in mind.
  • Ask a friend of yours or a friend of your future fiancée to go with you so you will not be overwhelmed with the ring choice.


Do not be afraid to look at the rings you may not think your fiancée will be attracted to. You will be surprised at how many women actually enjoy wearing antique rings. When a diamond is removed and cleaned, you can be surprised at how great it will look, especially when a custom design is added. You can find a ring you think your special lady will like, and you can have a design created that will match her style and personality.

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